Welcome to Inseeya Our Mission is to Empower you, your Organization and your team – to be at your Optimum level to achieve your Goals

Our corporate and group wellness program builds a foundation for continuous success and happiness, by focusing on the individual’s inner (physical, mental and emotional) well-being using motivational talk, wellness practices and various techniques of meditation, breathing, mindfulness, energy healing, yoga asanas, mudras, etc. It also guides you: -

  • How to convert the little coffee break into a meditative break.
  • How to create a positive thought instead of a worrisome one.

If awareness of your mind becomes total and absolute- what follows is a Super Successful You.

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Benefits of our Program

What We Provide

Inseeya Master Program

We can work with you to customize our Program to suit your organization and its goals and requirements.

  • On-site Program
  • Online Program
  • Monthly Program


Our Program consists of 2 sessions.

Each session consists of 2 hours.

It is recommended to have the sessions over 2 days but if required it can be conducted on the same day with an interval in between.

After the initial program – we also offer monthly programs of 1 session each month.

We also provide personal healing sessions for career and relationships issues.

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Zen Meditation (Once a week, 2 hours)

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Heal yourself with Reiki (2 day workshop, 2 hours each day)

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Zen Mudras (1 day workshop, 2 hours)

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Tarot Analysis (1 day workshop)

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Leading a stress free life

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Zen Workshops

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Meet Inseeya

A qualified engineer by profession, Inseeya took the path of being a Holistic and Wellness specialist 20 years ago. She is Inseeya’s chief facilitator and meditation expert. She is also a Reiki Grandmaster, certified Hypnotherapist, Fengshui consultant and a numerologist. Inseeya started her work from Hyderabad, India and continues to shuttle between Dubai and Hyderabad. She has talk shows on TV and Radio about Meditation and positive living. She also writes for a few Indian newspapers and magazines. She believes that the path to success is with a healthy body and an even healthier mind.

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